Casa dei Salici
Calogero D'Alberti




Calogero and its multipurpose farm
Twenty years ago Calogero transformed his house into a multipurpose farm in Petralia Soprana. The guests of his Casa dei Salici are involved in seasonal activities of agriculture, permaculture, and food processing, as well as the production of cosmetics and cures. Around his house, which can accommodate up to 12 people, lie six hectares of countryside where Calogero cultivates local biodiversity.

The countless activities he carries out on the farm are inspired by a common philosophy: the idea that humans are part of an ecosystem they must live in harmony. For this reason, Calogero encourages his guests to learn through practical activities about what can heal and what can harm nature.

A characteristic activity of Casa dei Salici is the production of compost, which Calogero is keen to share with all the participants (as well as with other friends of The Heart of Sicily!). Beyond the natural regeneration of the land, there is a practice of giving back from man to nature, which is fundamental for coexistence.
A stay in respect of nature
My main goal is to convey to the guests of Casa dei Salici a sense of belonging to nature and the ecosystem. The activities I propose are geared towards self-sufficiency and the return of resources to our environment. Once learned, these good practices can be taken home and shared. Stays at Casa dei Salici are based on sharing: we will decide together the activities to engage in according to the seasons and cycles of nature and we will distance ourselves from the fast pace of the city.
We were amazed by Calogero's strong personality expressed in every single detail of his farmhouse. He conveys a holistic and participatory vision of our ecosystem with each action. Sharing this is his life's mission.

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