Ceramiche artistiche D'Angelo
Giovanni D'Angelo




Giovanni, the ceramic artist
Giovanni D’Angelo is self-taught and his creations are driven by a passion for architecture, design, and sculpture. His work in decorative ceramics began as a boy by imitating the sophisticated designs of traditional Sicilian ceramics.

Until 1994 his laboratory housed a brick kiln that Giovanni has since converted into an artistic studio. Being able to visit a working studio with significant industrial history makes the visit an unforgettable experience.

You can admire the splendid Sicilian tiles, design objects such as stools and vases, paintings, and decorated lava stones. A group of expert artisans collaborate with Giovanni in the patient work of decorating his ceramic objects.
Do with your hands, create with the heart
I will show you the ceramic production process and you can try your hand at decorating a tile or making a clay pot on the wheel.
We still remember our first visit to Giovanni's workshop: true beauty that captivated us. We believe that this unconventional experience is a fundamental step to fully understanding the human and artistic heritage of the Madonie.

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