Cooperativa Rinascita
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The enhancement of the Siccagno tomato
Cooperativa Rinascita built its own processing plant in the 2000s in response to a lack of production facilities in Sicily. They use the tomatoes of their farmers to produce tomato puree, tomato concentrate, and other ready-made sauces. This last step allowed the cooperative to close its supply chain and to commercialize preserves of the highest quality, obtained 100% from Siccagno tomatoes cultivated by cooperative members.
The Siccagno tomato from Valledolmo and the lower Madonie is characterized by a traditional cultivation method with zero water consumption: the plant grows without irrigation, thanks to the hand-working of the soil as to avoid mechanical plowing and erosion of the soil. Furthermore, the use of synthetic chemical pesticides is prohibited by the cooperative. Thanks to all this extra care, the Siccagno is a dense, inflated tomato, with a sweet taste and a water-free pulp rich in antioxidants.
The Cooperativa Rinascita was founded in Valledolmo in 1977. Its history has always been tightly linked to an agricultural production typical of central Sicily: the Siccagno tomato. The cooperative was started in order to organize and protect hundreds of small farmers involved in the cultivation of Siccagno tomatoes, supporting them in marketing and logistical management.
A group of traditional farmers
Visiting the Cooperativa Rinascita of Valledolmo. Not just a virtuous case of cooperation, but a case of cultural heritage: a group of farmers who have kept a traditional method of tomato cultivation which has now once again become relevant due to its sustainability. We will get to know the whole tomato supply chain up close, from cultivation to the production of preserves, and we will taste the products of the cooperative.
“We plant it, we cultivate it, we harvest it by hand” is the motto of the farmers of the Cooperativa Rinascita.

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