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A small and charming village at the foot of the Byzantine castle
Isnello is a small and charming village at the foot of a Byzantine castle, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Madonie Park, with the Montagna Grande resting in the background. The village is in an ideal position halfway between the beaches of Cefalù and the nature of the upper Madonie. It has a very long history dating back to the Neolithic period. The various dominations over time have left artistic and architectural heritage of great value. Its layout of tiny alleys and squares, panoramic viewpoints, palaces and places of worship, spirals around the early medieval castle. Built as a lookout point it became, in the Norman period, part of the island’s defensive system—useful in surveillance, defense of the territory, and also a residence for the troops of the Royal Court. From the end of the twelfth century to part of the fifteenth, its history is intertwined with that of the noble families living there and who transformed the town from a military outpost to noble headquarters.
Isnello is known for the presence of the Gal Hassin Astronomical Park established in 2016. The name derives from the Gal Hassin stream, a term of Syriac origin which means “cold stream”. Hence the Arabs naming it Isnello when they arrived in Sicily.


— Chiesa Madre (15th century)
— Church of San Michele (14th century)
— Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (14th century)
— Church of the Annunciation (14th century)
— Church of the Rosary (16th century)
— La Madre Madonita, work in bronze (1987)

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