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Giulia and her lifelong passion
Giulia Valenza runs a family sewing shop in Petralia Sottana that was founded by her father in 1954. By the age of six, Giulia had already learned to sew by hand, an activity she has continued throughout her life.

Giulia has a creative spirit and does not like to copy: all the models she introduces in her workshops are her own designs and have become, over time, shop classics. The most famous is the “Trinacria” shaw: a reinterpretation of the classic Sicilian shawl that can also be used as a scarf.

Her passion led her to transform her simple sewing shop into a real school of wool. Its mission is to pass along the know-how of knitting and crochet. And so, since 2012, Giulia has been leading workshops that have allowed her to share her art with hundreds and hundreds of people.
Learn the technique and do it with love
My workshops are aimed at both absolute beginners and people already comfortable in wool working. Depending on your preferences, I can teach wool knitting or crochet. I provide a kit with a ball of yarn, two needles, and a pamphlet that explains the technique. Once the technique has been learned, the garment can be completed at home.
Giulia is a real wool activist: she fights the disappearance of traditional knowledge with generosity and gentleness. And, in doing so, she transmits knowledge useful for self-sustainability. A challenge that could only inspire us!

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