Petralia Soprana


1,147 mt. asl


A gem set in the upper Madonie
Petralia Soprana is a gem set in the upper Madonie. It was founded by the ancient people called Sicans and then inhabited by different populations: the Arabs called it Batraliah (Batra, stone and liah, high) and the Normans transformed it into Petra Heliae, “Elijah’s stone”. Looking out from its viewpoints, you can admire an amazing panorama that stretches all the way to the looming profile of the Etna volcano. A tiny village extremely rich in treasures of sacred art found inside the numerous medieval and baroque churches. Its craftsmen have worked iron, wood, and stone to create elegant and refined decorations for portals, balconies and facades, all authentic pieces of beauty. In addition, you will find paths that go up into the woods, landscapes of snow in winter and in full bloom in the spring, golden summer wheat fields, and the explosive, colorful change of leaves in fall. All of this is Petralia Soprana, not just a story to tell but true lived experience — a place to regenerate and rediscover the authentic flavor of ancient Sicily.
Petralia Soprana is the highest town in the Madonie. Due to its splendid views and artistic heritage of the city, and the charm of its historic center, it has been noted as one of “I borghi più belli d’Italia” (The most beautiful villages in Italy) and, in 2018, obtained the "Borgo dei Borghi" (Village of all villages) award.


— Church of Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, o Chiesa Madre (14th century)
— Church of Santa Maria di Loreto (18th century)
— Church of Santissimo Salvatore (17th century)
— Church of Santa Maria del Gesù (17th century)
— Church of San Teodoro Martire
— Piazza del Popolo
— Villa Sgadari
— Rock salt mine

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