Petralia Sottana


1,000 mt. asl


The triumph of the Madonite baroque
Petralia Sottana is an elegant village on the southern side of the upper Madonie, not far from its twin city Petralia Soprana. Some archaeological finds indicate settlement of the area in the third millennium BC. During the Byzantine and Arab dominations, Petralia also constructed a series of castles and fortifications and underwent dense agricultural and urban development. Over the centuries the town went through countless dominations and changes. It was in the seventeenth century that, during a phase of intense development and thanks to the influx of artistic and artisan workers, Petralia Sottana took the form that can still be admired today: beautiful baroque churches, alleys, arcades, stairways, fountains, and the majestic Chiesa Madre (Mother church) overlooking the village. In Petralia it is possible to walk through the historic center following the Urban Geological Route, an original path that brings attention to fossils, ruins, and notable geological impressions around town.
It was once called "the little Paris of the Madonie" due to the elegance of its noble palaces and the beauty of its views. It is the only Sicilian municipality which hosts the Orange Flag (Bandiera Arancione) given by the Italian Touring Club, a eco-tourism award assigned to small villages.


— Basilica of Maria Santissima Assunta, or Chiesa Madre, or Duomo (17th century)
— Church of San Francesco d’Assisi (17th century)
— Church of Santissima Trinità, o Badia (17th century), with Retablo by Giandomenico Gagini
— Santuario della Madonna dell’Alto (13th century)
— Church of Santa Maria alla Fontana (16th century)
— Civic Museum “Antonio Collisani”
— Palazzo del Giglio, seat of the municipality (19th century)
— Former Convent of the Reformed Friars Minor (15th century)
— Natural attractions of the Unesco Geopark
— Urban Geological Route

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