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Making wine in a sustainable way
Tenuta Regaleali is the main estate of Tasca d’Almerita, one of the most prestigious Italian wine brands, as well as one of the most important Sicilian farms, with two centuries of history and still family-owned.
The estate was acquired by the Tasca d’Almerita family in 1830 and extends over 550 hectares of which 480 are occupied by vineyards. The remaining hectares are cultivated with olive trees, almond trees and wheat. Today, Tenuta Regaleali is the center of a system of estates that includes some of the main Sicilian wine terroirs: Etna (Tenuta Tascante), the Aeolian Islands (Tenuta Capofaro), Monreale (Sallier de la Tour) and the island of Mozia.
Tenuta Regaleali has been repeatedly defined as a “model company” and “sustainability leader”: these expressions reflect the pioneering role that the company has had in the Sicilian and Italian wine scene both on the development of the wine sector and in sustainable winemaking. In recent years production is regulated by SOStain, an innovative sustainable production program with a holistic view, developed ten years ago in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan which has expanded to included many Sicilian wineries today.
A terroir to study and get to know with precision
Tenuta Regaleali, an estate of almost 600 hectares, 12 types of different soils, 6 hills between 450 and 850 meters above sea level, should be understood as an island in its own right — a terroir to be studied and investigated with precision. All wines come from a single vineyard or from several vineyards, always within the same estate. During a visit it is possible to admire the majestic landscapes, visit the splendid farmhouse, and carry out a guided wine tasting.
Tasca d’Almerita was recognized in 2019 "European Winery of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast magazine, and in 2021 it obtained the prestigious "Green Emblem" by Robert Parker magazine for its commitment to sustainability.

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