Aliavventura Summer Camp

with Valentina and Giovanni



A week of total immersion in the most sincere and spontaneous nature.
Aliavventura began its journey in 2013. A summer camp that brings together children aged 8 to 13 for a week of total immersion in nature. A transformative experience that weaves together unforgettable events and surprises each day. Valentina entertains the kids with workshops and learning sessions in the gardens on traditional cultivation methods, plants, and the Mediterranean ecosystem. The lessons encourage the children to become self-motivated, curious, and team-players while giving them concrete activities to best encourage thoughtful care of the environment.

With Aliavventura, Valentina dreams of creating strong bonds between the land, its history, and the new generations of kids, while also inspiring in them the desire to become, perhaps one day, dedicated and aware farmers of the land.

Recommended for

Aliavventura is aimed at Italian-speaking children aged 8 to 13.

Quotes for groups and customized solutions can be requested.

What is included

— All meals
— Accommodations, personalized bathroom towels, soaps
— Round trip by train, from Palermo central station
— Internal transfers for activities
— On-site, outdoor parking


Groups of 14 to 20 children
2 weeks in advance
— 6 nights: Dara Guccione Bio Farm, Alia
— Shared rooms with 3 or 4 beds
What is excluded
— Clothing needed for 7 days
— Return trip
Brother and sister team Valentina and Giovanni Guccione take care of their family farm, DARA GUCCIONE BIOFARM, handed down through generations since the eighteenth century. It was Valentina who, moved by the desire to share the charm of this estate, created a unique rural hospitality system. Her offerings have nature at their core and are perfectly integrated with the farm that her brother Giovanni runs.



— Introduction to organic farming methods and sustainable living
— Experiential workshops: from olives to oil (at the farm’s oil mill), from fruit to jam, from wheat to bread, natural dyes, and sensory activities with bare feet
— Caring for a synergistic vegetable garden: what it is and how it grows, an introduction to natural agriculture
— Herbs and plants (aromatic and medicinal herbs, observation and recognition of forest flowers and plants)
— The importance of the soil and regenerative agriculture
— Care of horses, donkeys, sheep, rabbits, goats and chickens
— Construction of forts
— Construction of a bow and shooting competition
— Cooking workshops
— Outdoor painting
— Orienteering
— Walks
— Treasure hunts
— Sports and game tournaments (football, sack races, flag games, relay races, tug of war etc)
— Aerial silk
— Adventure film outdoors
— Outdoor swimming pool
— Horse trails
— Bocce court
— Visit to the Grotte della Gurfa (ancient cave-like dwellings dating back to the Neolithic period with the presence of a tour guide)
— Walk with picnic
— Overnight in tents in a group upon explicit request with the presence of the tutor
— Singing around the fire
— Barbecue
— Letter exchange around the fire
— Diary and herbal tea


Months: June and July
Days: from Sunday to Saturday




500 euros / single
500 euros / 1 person in a shared room


— Activities in the countryside
— Structured Play
— Excursions
— The evening
Itineraries kids


Aliavventura Summer Camp