About us

We are a group of friends sharing work and life projects in the heart of Sicily — an area furthest from the coast, sparsely populated, and lesser known.

The Heart of Sicily was created to unleash our creativity and share the beauty and authenticity of inland and rural Sicily.

6 Hosts + 20 Partners


Did you know why we are called as we are?

The Heart of Sicily is a successful book published in 1993 by Anna Tasca Lanza, founder of a world-famous cooking school. This book was the first to share the true value of inland, rural Sicilian hinterland cuisine and its agricultural traditions with an international public.


We focus on the local communities and their deserved place leading regional tourism development.


We love diversity: of the natural sort and the human kind. We build initiatives that aim to protect, enhance, and connect all forms of diversity.


We work to increase local resources rather than exploit them. We work against the depopulation of inland areas.


The land is our common denominator and we take care of it through organic, agro-ecological and ethical methods.


Tourism anchored to everyday reality is tourism that supports work and life projects, rather than overwhelming them.