How It Works

The Heart of Sicily is a responsible, sustainable, and community-based travel network.

Our itineraries allow you to discover an unknown and unexpected Sicily.


Choose the tour you prefer based on the hosts, the program, and/or the dates on the calendar. Each of the hosts offers travel itineraries on set dates. The set dates allow for the preparation and timely involvement of of all hosts and local partners involved in the tour. The itineraries can be booked up to 14 days in advance of the check-in date.


By clicking on "Start Your Trip" you can refine your choice of itinerary with the number of people, your specific needs, and any extras that will be budgeted separately, such as a foreign language guides or private transfer with driver. Our booking manager will receive your booking request and will reply as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours).


The availability of places and dates will be confirmed via email by our booking manager. Any extras you have requested will be offered to you with a provisional quote to be confirmed. At the same time, you will receive a secure link for payment by credit / debit card from our tour operator Guccione Viaggi via email. The reservation is confirmed after payment in full has been made.

You're almost here

Ten days before departure you will receive an email with basic information such check-in location and a suggested packing list. The booking manager and the host are available for any specific requests before departure and will contact you for any updates to the program or unexpected events.


Why do we like to define ourselves as a responsible, sustainable, and community-based travel network? For too long, mass tourism has been offering uniform travel disconnected from the experience of the host community. This method has sometimes damaged the living conditions of the resident communities and spread an inauthentic and distorted image of the place. For us at The Heart of Sicily, a sustainable and responsible tourism experience depends on the relationship that is established between both the people who live in a place and those who travel.


We work hard to offer itineraries with transparent, simple, and reliable rates and schedules. We include a basic insurance policy for health care and lost luggage in our itineraries. However, the unexpected is always around the corner. Sudden variations in climate can cause changes in outdoor itineraries, particularly excursions to the Madonie Regional Park. We will do everything possible to inform you before departure when, for other known reasons, the program should change. If the minimum number of reservations for the itinerary is not reached, or if a significant part of the program changes, we will offer you a full refund or alternative dates.


You can request the cancellation and refund of your reservation before check-in by writing to the booking manager. We will refund a sum that varies depending on the time of the request:
— From 59 to 30 days before check-in: 80% refund
— From 29 to 15 days before check-in: 50% refund
— From 14 to 0 days before check-in: 0% refund
— Full refund in case of hospitalization (with appropriate documentation)
While booking, you can request cancellation insurance at an extra cost. This extra service compensates for the penalties in case of cancellation for justifiable reasons.