Petralia Soprana: a charming village in the Madonie

with Giovanna
During this itinerary you will have the great opportunity to learn about the history of Petralia Soprana, founded by the Sicans, then inhabited by different populations: Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs and conquered by the Norman King Roger. We will visit the old town center, looking out from its viewpoints, where we will admire an amazing panorama that stretches all the way to the looming profile of the Etna volcano. You will be guided among the numerous magnificent churches and admire the many monuments and artistic wealth of the old town. In between courtyards and little alleys you will fully immerse in the atmosphere of the village. During the guided tour we will also have a taste of the town’s flavors: local cheeses and charcuterie, some traditional biscuits made with cinnamon; and last but not least the famous “sfogghiu” of the Madonie, a special cake of which we will learn more about by visiting the local pastry shop and cafe Bar Aspromonte.
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What is included

— Guided tour of the small village
— Food tasting
— Access to local historical sites

What is excluded

— Transportation
— Lunch
Giovanna is a guide specializing in relational tourism, host of the B&B CAS’ANTICA SOPRANA in Petralia. The spark with Petralia started in 2016 when Giovanna, after years of working in the fashion sector, decided to renovate a house in the town. Her first challenge was to convince the local inhabitants themselves of the untapped potential of Petralia Soprana.
everyday in spring, summer and autumn


italian, english, french




From 2 up to 10 people


9:30 am — Meeting at Petralia Soprana, in the square Piazza del Popolo
— Guided tour of 2.30 hrs of the historic center, visit of the churches and the ethno-anthropological museum, panoramic view point, old monuments, private courtyards and fountains.
— Tastings in stages along the route. Lunch is not included but we can offer suggestions about local restaurants.
Experiences culture & craft
Petralia Soprana: a charming village in the Madonie
An evening under the stars: visit to the astronomical observatory of Roccapalumba and a local mill
An excursion to the Gurfa Caves
Alchemy in the Madonie: a workshop about natural beauty products and medicinal plants